Who needs to create a COVID-Safe Plan

The Public Activities COVID-19 Direction places conditions on businesses that conduct a number of Defined public activities.

Businesses involved in a Defined public activity must have a COVID-Safe Plan in place in order to trade.

See Activities and gatherings for:

  • definitions of Defined public activities
  • businesses and activities that are still restricted
  • businesses and activities that are excluded from the Direction.

If you have not completed a COVID-Safe Plan, do not have this available at your premises, or do not comply with current Directions, you can be fined up to $5,000.

All retail operations are required to have a COVID-SAfe Check-In QR Code on-site. They can create a regular COVID-Safe Plan to obtain their QR code.

Private gatherings

Gatherings of between 51 and 200 people at a residential premises require a COVID-Safe Plan, a COVID Marshal, and guests must check-in via the COVID SAfe Check-in. (There are no requirements if you have up to 50 people at a residential premises).

How to create a COVID-Safe Plan

Fill out the form on this page to create your COVID-Safe Plan. Your completed form is your Plan. This Plan will outline how your staff and patrons can be kept safe from COVID-19.

  1. Refer to official COVID-19 advice and directions to help you complete this plan. Carefully review this website and www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au.
  2. Follow the link below and fill out the whole form. If your business has several premises, each venue will need a separate Plan.
  3. Discuss and share relevant details of your plan with staff, contractors and suppliers so that everyone is aware of what they need to do and what they can expect.
  4. Implement the steps you have agreed to as best you can. Remember: the requirements on the form are obligations – you may face a fine if you do not comply with these.
  5. anyone who has applied for a new COVID-Safe Plan will have one issued to them.
  6. Review your plan regularly and make changes as and when required. COVID-19 is a fast-changing situation, and the South Australian Government responds to this via a step-by-step approach to easing certain restrictions.

Print or download the Plan and make it available at your premises. If you need to make a new COVID Safe Plan, for example a health or disability service, you can do so here.

Create your COVID-Safe Plan

Complete the COVID-Safe Plan form

Voluntary COVID-Safe Plan

This COVID-Safe Plan form can be used by activities and businesses that are not legally required to complete a COVID-Safe Plan, but would like to have one as an extra precaution, and to use the COVID-SAfe Check-In QR Code.

Create a Voluntary COVID-Safe Plan.


  • If you or your business conducts a Defined Public Activity and completes a Voluntary Plan, this Plan will not include the legal requirements that apply to you and you may be in breach of current Emergency Management Directions.
    Please make sure you complete the correct type of Plan.
  • If you offer onsite consumption of food and beverages as part of your retail operation, you will need to complete a mandatory COVID‑Safe Plan.

COVID Management Plan

A COVID Management Plan, approved by SA Health, will be required for:

  • a defined public activity where more than 1000 people are reasonably expected to be present at or participating in the activity
  • the onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages at a place where the total number of persons present at the place for the purpose of the purchase and consumption of food or beverages is reasonably expected to exceed 1000 people
  • the operation of a nightclub
  • the operation of relevant licensed premises

In some cases, your events/business/activity may require both a COVID Management Plan and a COVID‑Safe Plan for each vendor.

Create a COVID Management Plan

Need help?

Enter the dimensions of a room or space, in metres, to find out the area and maximum number of people allowed.

square metres.
people (excluding staff).

More information

Guidance on completing your COVID-Safe Plan - FAQ (PDF, 112.3 KB)
Guidance on completing your COVID-Safe Plan - FAQ (DOCX, 41.3 KB)

COVID Marshal Register (DOCX, 360.5 KB)

SA COVID-19 Information line - 1800 253 787 offers local information and advice on general COVID-19 information for South Australians. Operates from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day.

Your industry association may also be able to assist.

For technical help, contact forms@sa.gov.au


Page last updated: 6 April 2021