Sales and shopping events can attract thousands of South Australians and large crowds to our major shopping centres and precincts.

There are a range of measures that your individual business should consider to help keep your patrons and staff COVID-safe.


Individual businesses must familiarise themselves with their density requirements inside their premises and their total capacity limits.

COVID Marshals

Please ensure that your COVID Marshals are clear in their roles and responsibilities.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Promoting and ensuring infection control practices are followed
  • Taking practical steps to ensure people are complying with both the density requirements and the 1.5 metre physical distancing rule
  • Ensuring that all COVID-Safe Plans are being implemented and monitored.

See more information about COVID Marshals including a list of all requirements.

COVID SAfe Check-in

COVID Marshals and staff are encouraged to remind patrons to check in using the COVID SAfe Check-In app, or manual paper-based record.

COVID Marshals are encouraged to look at an individual’s green tick or request the individual complete the manual paper-based record prior to the individual entering your business.

COVID SAfe Check-in will support contact tracing efforts and help to keep our community COVID-safe.

Face masks

Face masks are a mandatory requirement for patrons and staff in an indoor space.

Please remind patrons and staff to wear their face mask while in your premises.

Face masks are an additional physical barrier to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Managing queues

Individual businesses must also consider the COVID-safe requirements that will be implemented for patrons queuing either inside or outside of a shopping centre or store.

These requirements should be managed by a COVID Marshal(s), who must ensure that patrons are physically distancing 1.5 metres apart.

Face masks must be worn indoors and are strongly recommended for patrons queuing outside of the shopping centre or store.

COVID-19 signage

Your team should check that all COVID-19 signage is visible and well displayed throughout your business. This includes QR codes, physical distancing, density, face masks, and the stay at home if unwell signage.