Business and worker support has information on both state and federal assistance programs.

COVID-19 business information and support

Assistance is available for:

  • Sole traders
  • Companies
  • Employers, including information on JobKeeper payments.

Landlord and tenant support

Landlords who provide tenants impacted by COVID-19 with rent relief may be eligible for a 25% reduction on the land tax payable on a parcel of land in the 2019-20 land tax year.

Relief is also available to residential and non-residential land owners who are unable to secure a tenant because of COVID-19. To be eligible for land tax relief, eligible landlords will need to demonstrate that the land was leased to 30 March 2020, but has since been vacant due to the impact of COVID-19.

See Revenue SA for information on Land tax relief.

Commercial tenancies

Commercial properties are those which house a business, instead of a private person or family residentially.

Since COVID-19, South Australia has legislated specific changes for tenants and landlords in commercial arrangements.The changes include:

  • Ensuring lessees cannot be evicted during COVID-19 due to failure to pay rent, failure to pay outgoings or business failing to open in the terms specified in the lease
  • Unless otherwise agreed between lessor and lessee, the rent must not be increased during the period if the lessee is suffering COVID-19 related financial hardship
  • Requiring the lessor to not on-charge land tax if suffering COVID-19 related financial hardship.

As a first step, lessees and lessors are encouraged to commence discussions on any matters relating to leases including deferral of rent, rent free periods or any other modifications to leases which will help both parties through this difficult time.

If agreement is reached, any changes should be documented and executed by all parties.

The Office of the Small Business Commissioner has more information for lessees and lessors, including information on lodging a dispute.

Taxi and chauffeur vehicle industry

The DPTI website has fact sheets available regarding support for the taxi and chauffeur vehicle industry during COVID-19.

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Page last updated: 18 January 2021