The South Australian Government has introduced COVID SAfe Check-In, to enhance contact tracing and keep our community COVID safe.

If someone in South Australia tests positive to COVID-19, the COVID SAfe Check-In enables SA Health to quickly contact others who may have been exposed to the virus and stop the spread of COVID-19.

For the community

COVID SAfe Check-In is a new feature that has been added to the free mySA GOV app.

You can download the mySA GOV app using your smart phone. In the mySA GOV app, select the COVID SAfe Check-In tile when you arrive at a business, venue or event, and follow the prompts to scan their unique QR code and check in.

You are not required to login or sign up for a mySA GOV account to use the COVID SAfe Check-In. You also do not need to provide a driver’s licence or vehicle registration details to use it.

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store. If you already have the mySA GOV app, make sure you have the latest version, which may require you to download the app update.

If you do not have a compatible smart phone, a paper record will be available for you to provide your details.

When you first enter the COVID SAfe Check-In tile, you will be asked to fill in your details and mobile number. You will then get a text message with a unique code to enter in to the app. This is to verify your phone number. You will only have to do this once.

COVID-SAfe Check-In for individuals: questions (PDF, 205.3 KB)

For businesses

A COVID SAfe Check-In feature has been added to the free mySA GOV app.

Businesses with a COVID Safe Plan will receive a new COVID Safe Plan via email that includes a poster with a unique QR code. This should be printed and displayed in a prominent location within the business. See Tips on displaying your QR code (PDF, 195.5 KB).

When people arrive at a business, venue or event, they can check in by scanning the QR code using their smart phone through the mySA GOV app.

A paper recording log template is available as a back-up for people who don’t have a smart phone.

Contact tracing attendance record (PDF, 185.1 KB)

From 1 December, all defined public activities must have a completed COVID Safe Plan and have an approved contact tracing system enabled.

From 14 December, all general retail industry premises must have a completed COVID Safe Plan and have an approved contact tracing system enabled.

All people entering the place must upload their relevant contact details to the approved contact tracing system. This upload is automatic when you use the COVID SAfe Check-In to scan the QR code.

A defined public activity is any of the following:

  • onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages (whether occurring in an indoor or outdoor area)
  • sport (including sports training), fitness or recreation activities
  • indoor public meetings
  • ceremonies
  • private functions
  • provision of personal care services
  • provision of public entertainment
  • provision of recreational transport
  • the operation of a nightclub
  • the operation of relevant licensed premises
  • the operation of a casino or gaming area (within the meaning of the Gaming Machines Act 1992)
  • auctions and inspections of premises for the purpose of sale or rental of any property
  • driver instruction
  • an assembly within the meaning of the Public Assemblies Act 1972
  • the provision of health care, residential care, disability support or aged care services.

A general retail industry premises is a place where retail sale or hire of goods or services for personal, household, or business use occurs and where customers are physically present. This includes supermarkets, department stores, hardware stores, and general retail.

COVID-SAfe Check-In for businesses: questions (PDF, 218.8 KB)

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