When the Prime Minister makes recommendations to the states about restriction guidelines relating to COVID-19, each state must then consider how those recommendations will be applied. They are not enforceable in South Australia until the State Coordinator, Commissioner Grant Stevens, enacts a Direction.

The South Australian Directions apply to everyone living in, and entering, South Australia.

A direction is in place regarding the need for people directly affected by COVID-19 to self-isolate.

Direction details

This direction means that if any person is diagnosed with COVID-19 or have come in close contact with someone who currently has COVID-19 then that person must follow the direction to isolate and segregate themselves from other people.

During this process the person may be contacted by a member of the Communicable Diseases Control Branch of the Department of Health and Wellbeing. They will be given information and instructions to help them through this process.

For their safety and the safety of their family, friends and the community it is critical that they follow the advice and directions provided by health professionals.

This Direction is the latest to be issued and will remain current until it is updated or removed.

Emergency Management (COVID-19) (Isolation Following Diagnosis or Close Contact) Direction 2020 (PDF, 628.1 KB) - 8 September 2020

Frequently asked questions (PDF, 438.6 KB) - 8 September 2020
Frequently asked questions (DOCX, 160.8 KB) - 24 June 2020

Page last updated: 4 May 2020