When the Prime Minister makes recommendations to the states about restriction guidelines relating to COVID-19, each state must then consider how those recommendations will be applied. They are not enforceable in South Australia until the State Coordinator, Commissioner Grant Stevens, enacts a Direction.

The South Australian Directions apply to everyone living in, and entering, South Australia.

In March 2020, the State Coordinator made a Direction under the Emergency Management Act 2004 to limit public activities.

This direction may be cited as the Emergency Management (Pathology Reporting) (COVID-19) Direction 2020.

Direction details

This Direction in new and is aimed at regulating the Pathology labs (private) to enable capture of information from tests conducted and prescribes timeframes for letting patients know results.

This comes into effect at 4:30 pm on Wednesday 3 June, 2020.

Pathology Reporting (COVID-19) Direction (PDF, 761.0 KB) - 8 September 2020
Pathology Reporting (COVID-19) Direction (DOCX, 29.1 KB) - 9 September 2020