Recovery Step 3 is in place from 29 June. All businesses will need a new or updated COVID-Safe Plan.

The form to create a COVID-Safe Plan for Step 3 is now available - create a plan.

Refer to the Recovery page for more information.

The Public Activities COVID-19 Direction is now in effect.

It replaces the Emergency Management (Non-Essential Business and Other Activities No 7) (COVID-19) Direction 2020, which placed restrictions on specific types of business.

The Public Activities direction places conditions on businesses that conduct a number Defined public activities.

Businesses involved in a Defined public activity must complete a COVID-Safe Plan.

See Activities and gatherings for

  • how businesses are affected
  • definitions of Defined public activities
  • businesses and activities that are still restricted
  • businesses and activities that are excluded

See how to Create a COVID-Safe Plan.

Page last updated: 2 June 2020