Quarantine information

South Australia is part of a national repatriation plan for returning Australian citizens. People arriving in South Australia from overseas are required to complete mandatory supervised quarantine in a SA Health approved medi-hotel for 14 full days and nights. The date of arrival and check-in to the medi-hotel is counted as day 0.

The South Australian government has worked with the hotel industry to ensure a range of suitable accommodation is available.

People will receive daily check-ins by the medi-hotel health care team. All travellers are required to be tested for COVID-19 within the first 24 hours of arrival, on day 5, and again on day 13. A blood test may also be required.

Minors who arrive unaccompanied must quarantine with a carer for the full 14 day quarantine period. People must apply using the essential traveller health exemption application.

At this time, vaccination against COVID-19 does not change the Australian Government’s requirement for mandatory quarantine for 14 days at the port of arrival.

All people travelling to Australia to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result at the time of check-in. For more information for international travellers, visit the Department of Health's website.

More detailed information on quarantine requirements and support services is available in the International arrivals to South Australia frequently asked questions.

Translated COVID-19 information is available from SA Health.

What to expect during your stay in a medi-hotel

Support services

A range of support services are available for people in South Australian medi-hotels.

Please reach out if you need help.

Quarantine fees

The following fees apply for overseas travellers quarantining in South Australian medi-hotels:

  • One adult – $3,000
  • Additional adults – $1,000
  • Additional children – $500
  • Children under 3 – no additional cost

The total cost will be divided by the total number of adult travellers.

The medi-hotel quarantine fee is a fixed cost that includes meals and hotel room costs, as well as essential nursing and health care services.

Quarantine fees apply to all international passengers. They do not apply to travellers who purchased tickets before 12.00 pm ACST on 13 July 2020.

Travellers will receive an invoice at the after their stay and will be given 30 days to pay. In that time, a payment plan can be arranged.

More information about quarantine fees is available in the International Arrivals Frequently Asked Questions.

Financial hardship

If a payment plan is still not affordable, you may apply for a financial hardship agreement.

Once an invoice has been received from the South Australian government, travellers can apply for a financial hardship agreement. Evidence must be provided to show it would cause financial hardship to repay the fee in full.

Apply now

Or resume a saved application.

More information

More information about financial hardship and quarantine fees is available in the International Arrivals Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ - International arrivals (DOCX, 603.4 KB)
FAQ - International arrivals (PDF, 194.1 KB)

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