Visitation requirements

To enter a Residential Aged Care Facility, a person must have:

  • Received at least one dose of a TGA approved or recognised COVID-19 vaccination; and
  • Received, or have evidence of a booking to receive, a second dose of a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccine within the interval after the first dose recommended by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) for that COVID-19 vaccine
  • From 29 January 2022, within four weeks of becoming eligible in accordance with ATAGI guidelines, the person receives a third dose (booster) of a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Provided the operator of the health care setting with proof of their vaccination status upon request.

This does not apply to people who have a medical exemption from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine either on a permanent or temporary basis according to the guidelines published by ATAGI, or to a child under the age of 12 years and 2 months.

A person can only be exempt from having a COVID-19 vaccination if:

  • They have a medical certificate or a letter from a legally qualified medical practitioner certifying that the person:
    • Has a medical exemption from receiving a COVID-19 vaccine on either a permanent or temporary basis in accordance with guidelines published by ATAGI (Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation).
    • Has a medical exemption on either a permanent or temporary basis from receiving the preferred vaccine as recommended by ATAGI for the person’s age.
    • Has an appointment to be assessed by a medical specialist or has started an assessment to determine if they have a medical exemption
    • The certificate or letter specifies the nature of the exemption and the basis on which it applies;
    • The Chief Public Health Officer or her delegate has endorsed the exemption, and
    • The person provides the operator of the healthcare setting with a copy of the endorsement.
  • to a child aged 12 years and 2 months or less; or
  • if a person is entering for an end of life visit who is not able to access the COVID-19 vaccine before their visit to the Residential Aged Care Facility and who takes all reasonable steps to access the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as practicable after their initial visit, provided that the person wears appropriate personal protective equipment while on the premises of the Residential Aged Care Facility.
  • the person is responding in the provision of emergency services in the event of an emergency.

You cannot enter an aged care facility if :

  • you have had contact with a positive COVID-19 person within the preceding 14 days of entry or
  • you have a temperature higher than 38 degrees Celsius, history of fever or chills within the preceding 72hours, or have symptoms of acute respiratory infection or loss of taste or smell
  • from 1 June 2021 have not received the 2021 influenza vaccination if you have undertaken a COVID-19 test and are awaiting the test result, unless part of routine surveillance testing and are not displaying symptoms.

If you cannot visit your family and friends in a residential aged care facility, it’s important to keep in touch. Make phone or video calls, send postcards, photos or artwork or film short videos to share.

Page last updated: 7 January 2022